LPG cylinder price increased Tk 100-150

Anisur Rahman Swapan

23 January 2014 Thursday 7:19:13 PM

LPG cylinder price increased Tk 100-150Price of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders produced in private sector have been increased Tk 100-150 within a month and reached Tk 1500-1550 per cylinder in Barisal city markets.

Although private-LPG price always remain low in summer and rise in winter season, but this year it exceeds limitations, said Pankaj
Gupta, owner of Gupta Traders, one of the main retailers of LPG in the city.

Price of per 12.5 kilogram LPG filled cylinder of Basundhara, Klinhit, Total Gas and private Jamuna at the city market was Tk  1320/1340 till June 2013.

However from July 1, 2013, the LPG cylinder price increased to 1380-1420 and from mid of January 2014 it raised to Tk.1500-1550, said Nurul Alam Shahin, owner of LPG retailer Sharif Enterprise of the Battala market in the city.

Ranjit Dutta, Barisal district coordinator of Consumers Association of Bangladesh, said urban and middle class people, small food shops depended on LPG cylinders as there was no easy or cheap alternative of cooking fuel in the region.

Shohidul Alam, deputy commissioner Barisal, said dealers and retailers of LP gas of the city in a meeting decided that per-cylinder would be sold at 10-15 percent higher price of factory rate considering the increase of transportation cost.

Mobile court would operate drives against illegal price hike and storing LPG to prevent creation of any fake- crisis, the DC told.

There was no supply of natural gas by pipe-line and public sector LPG producing company Padma, Meghna, Jamuna with price tag of Tk. 678 per cylinder did not supplied in the region in last four months.

Abdur Razzak, owner of LPG retailer Razzak Traders at Nabagram Road in the city, said we have not received any early signal before sudden increase of LPG price by the private sector companies.

The supply of public-sector produced LPG never exceed five percent of the demands and customers also dissatisfied about quality, weight and quantity of their LPG after purchase those at the same rate of private sector produced LPG, Pankaj added.

He informed that monthly total demands of LPG cylinders near about one lakh in Barisal region. But its supply never exceeded sixty thousand cylinders causing crisis, price hike and black marketing.

Usually dealers fixed retail price about Tk 80- 100 more than factory rate including Tk 45 for transportation and speed money cost and rest amount as profit, establishment cost etc., the LPG dealers added.

Md.Azim, a distributor of Total Gas, said private companies fix prices on basis of costing and demand and supply.

Omar Faruk, manager of Basundhara LPG distribution center at Barisal, said increasing the LPG price in local market was caused by supply crisis due to production shortage.

Md. Jewel, divisional distributor of Klinhit LPG cylinders, viewing the same, said the company increased the price without showing any specified cause except shortage of production and increase of transportation cost.

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