BBC Bangladesh Sanglap held in Barisal

Anisur Rahman Swapan

25 January 2014 Saturday 8:34:17 PM

Participants of BBC Bangladesh Sanglap held in BarisalPanelists and participants at a BBC Bangladesh Sanglap, a weekly debate programme by BBC, on Saturday afternoon in Barisal stressed on dialogue for a credible inclusive election and expressed that any attempt to exclude Bangladesh from test playing status in crocket
should be face as national prestige issue beyond any party-politics.

The BBC Bangladesh Sanglap Episode-57 was held at the historical mass-killing ground (Badhya Bhumi) premises on the bank of Kirtankhola River in the city.

Two main issues were high lightened in the discussion as dialogue for an inclusive and credible election and anxiety about retaining
test-cricket playing status of Bangladesh.

Pankaj Kumar Devnath, secretary Awami Swechchha Sebok League and AL lawmaker-elect for Barisal-4, Advocate Mojibor Rahman Sarwar, central organizing secretary, city president of BNP, outgoing lawmaker for Barisal-5 and former BCC Mayor, Advocate Manabendra Batobayal, former president Barisal district bar association and press club, Rahima Sultana Kajal, NGO organizer, participated in the programme as panel discussants.

The most of the panelists and participants agreed that a dialogue is needed for conducting a free fair acceptable and major political
parties participatory general election to make the democratic trend in the country as sustainable.

However AL lawmaker-elect Pankaj Kumar Devnath said the 10th parliamentary election was held to continue the constitutional and
democratic procedure. Fulfilling the tenure of the present government depends on the acceptances of mass people.

If the people oppose or rejects the present government only then issue of holding dialogue could be considered and so it does not means that there is no chance of dialogue, Pankaj added.

BNP leader Mojibor Rahman Sarwar said AL-led government depends themselves as the governent of pro-liberation forces and claiming the recent farcial election to save the constitution and democracy. But when only the AL-led alliance participated in the election and more than fifty percent lawmakers elected without election and even single vote was not cast in 141 vote centers, then how the election could be credible.

The cabinet members and leaders of AL telling various types of contradictory comments after that election and if there would be no
dialuge to conduct a free fair iclusive poll, then BNP will continue disciplined and peacefull movement, Sarwar added.

We should introduce tradition of peacefull political co-existences and the political forces of the country.  We also  noticed that present prime minister yet not cancelled her invitation for the dialogue.

Rahima Sultana Kajal told reveiwing the  the pre and post election situation, we think that there would be no chance of immediate
dialouge as the condition on BNP for excluding  Jamaat from the alliance, would not create any sign of immediate dialogue.

About the proposal of three countries for amending test-criket playing status, AL leader Pankaj Devnath said excluding Bangladesh from test cricket playing status would not be acceptable to any none and justified by any terms and it will serously hamper the sports of Bangladesh.

BNP leader Mojibor Rahman Sarwar said cricket issue is a national issue and it should be deal like a national prestige beyond any narrow party-politics.

Waliur Rahman Miraj produced and Akbor Hossain conducted the programme.

The programme was styled for pioneering TV and radio debate program in Bangladesh, produced by BBC Media Action and BBC Bangla Service, encouraging dialogue between people and their politicians and policy makers.

BBC Bangladesh Sanglap broadcasted on BBC Bangla programme on every Sunday at 8:00 PM, and same episode also repeated on Tuesday at 8:00 PM and telecasted on Channel I on Monday at 7.50 AM and repeated on Tuesday at 5:00 AM and 3:05 PM in every week, the organizers told.

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