Hearing about withdrawing Limon’s case deferred again

Anisur Rahman Swapan

24 June 2014 Tuesday 1:38:03 PM

limon-jhalakathi Limon JhalakathiCharges against Limon in a case lodged by RAB after maiming him not withdrawn even after twelve months of home-ministry order as hearing for withdrawal of that case deferred for the eighth time on Monday.

The hearing deferred to August 18, 2014 as the chief judicial magistrate of Jhalakathi has been transferred in August 2013 and acting CJM and senior judicial magistrate Md. Arifuzzaman has no jurisdiction to hear such appeal, explained Advocate M Alam Khan Kalam, additional public prosecutor of Jhalakathi and Advocate Akkas Shikdar, lawyer of defense side.

Limon Hossain was a college student who used to work in a brick kiln to bear his educational expenses and allegedly maimed by RAB shooting in the leg after taking him to a place adjacent to his house at Jamaddarhat in Rajapur Upazila of Jhalakathi on March 23, 2011.

Limon’s left leg was amputated from the thigh on March 27 at Dhaka National Institute for Traumatolgy and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (NITOR) Hospital.

RAB after maiming Limon filed two cases one case under the arms act (GR-45) and another for obstructing government duty, making attempts to murder and injuring RAB personnel (GR-46) on the same day of shooting him with Rajapur police station against the teenager and seven others.

Sub Inspector Ariful Islam, investigation officer, separately submitted charge sheets of the GR.45 and GR-46 cases on April 24, 2011
and July 1, 2012 against Limon, 16 (at the time of occurrences), underjuvenile crime prevention act and against seven other accused members of local terrorists ‘Mizan-Morshed’ gang, under different sections of penal code.

After the matter created huge sensations by the human rights activists, the home ministry on July 9, 2013 ordered to withdraw of charges only against Limon in both of the two cases lodged by RAB.

That order reached to Jhalakahti district magistrate on July 16 and public prosecutor put up that to the courts on July 21.

After hearing Kiran Sangkar Haldar, judge of the special tribunal-2, accepting the appeal of the prosecution on July 30, 2013 ordered to
drop the charge against Limon in GR-45 (tribunal case no.-9/11) lodged under sections 19(A) and 19(F) of arms act.

However hearing of withdrawal of another case GR-46 against Limon yet to be heard in last twelve-month as CJM post laid vacant and that
causing the accused physically, financially and mentally suffered to attend the court on every date, said Advocate Akkas Hossain, lawyer of Limon.

On other hand Henoara Begum, mother of Limon taking a court order forced Rajapur police station to register a case on April 10, 2011 accusing the RAB personals for attempt to murder, severe injury and maiming her son.

However police on August 14, 2012 secretly filed final report of the case lodged by Henoara claiming that they found no evidence and witnesses against RAB.

Then complainant of the case and mother of Limon filed ‘no confidence(Naraji)’ on August 30, 2012 against the final report of police acquitting six members of RAB accused for attempt to murder and maiming Limon.

Jhalakathi senior judicial magistrate on February 13, 2013 rejected the ‘no confidence (naraji)’ prayer and then a revision appeal was lodged with Jhalakathi district and session judge court against rejecting the ‘Naraji.’

Hearing of that revision petition deferred for the eighth time on April 28, 2014 as court fixed the date as June 24, 2014.

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