‘Light of Hope’ bringing lights to deprived children by e-education

Anisur Rahman Swapan

29 June 2014 Sunday 9:51:33 AM

light-of-hope Light of Hope

‘Light of Hope’ (in abbreviation: LoH) bringing lights to deprived children of remote area by giving them access to e-education.

The schools under LoH equipped with laptop, mini-projector, and internet modem that run by a solar system.

The LoH team now working at remote areas of wetland Haor surrounded Kishoreganj districts, and the success of this attempt would instigate us to expand our activities to the shoal areas under riverine southern region of Barisal, said Arif Md. Waliullah Bhuiyan, chairman of LoH.

The first school of this project is Poroshmoni Shikhha Academy, located at Patuavanga village under Pakundia, upazila of Kishoreganj district.

For the last 4 years, LoH operating the school in cooperation with ‘Porosmoni Somaj Kallan Snagstha’, a local organization and in last year cent percent students of the school passed Junior Certificate Exam, informed Md. Sanaullah Bhuyian, head master of the school.

Starting in late 2013, Light of Hope draws attention by winning 3rd prize out of a total number of 816 projects in Dell Education Challenge, 2013– a global competition among university students in Austin, Texas, USA.

Two of the founding members of LoH studying abroad and two of them returned home after finishing their studies and joined American International University Bangladesh, said Md. Zillul Karim Sunny, one of the directors of LoH.

light-of-hope-e-education Light of HopeLoH already established strong collaboration with University of Flensburg, Germany, Higher Study Abroad, Bangladesh, American International University-Bangladesh, Porosmoni Somajkallan Sangstha and Swapnanagar Bidyaniketon, Zillur added.

Besides raising awareness among children about environment and climate change, the project also reducing carbon dioxide due to the deployed solar system in the school to reduce climate change affects, he said.

LoH team consists of about 30 people from various inter-related professional and educational sectors of Bangladesh, Ahmed Ur Rahman Romel, and another LoH director.

The team believes that- every child is born equally; but the opportunity provided to them makes them unequal.

LoH wants to reduce that inequality; the gap in quality of education between developed countries and Bangladesh.

All the e-education materials (video, lectures, tutorials, awareness raising materials etc.) provided through the laptops, projectors and screens by LoH, Romel said.

The LoH team providing local teachers training on laptop and internet use, facilitation technique with e-contents and e-education under an interactive enhanced classroom environment to improve the learning experience of the students.

As the school and students located in off-grid/semi off-grid areas where electricity is virtually unavailable during day time, so LoH running laptop and projector with a high-quality solar system installed in the school, said the headmaster of the school.

The students are the major beneficiary of the project who will get high quality education with awareness provided on various issues like health, sanitation, climate change, early marriage, different local issues etc. by use of video materials, educational cartoon, acknowledged Abdus Salam, one of the local elites in the area.

The school can serve as an information and online service hub through which the community will get maximum advantage by getting various online based services provided by the Government of Bangladesh, told the organizers of the attempt. ##

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