Proper empowerment of women ensuring non-discriminate equality stressed to end domestic violence

Anisur Rahman Swapan

21 September 2014 Sunday 6:22:16 PM

kt7593zjParticipants of an advocacy meeting on Sunday in Barisal stressed on proper empowerment of women ensuring non-discriminate equality to end domestic violence.

The programme was organised by Barisal unit of Nagorik Uddyog (Citizen’s Initiative) at Bangladesh Development Society Auditorium styled as ‘ Proper Implementation of Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Act 2010: Role of Local Government”.

The programme was presided over by Israil Pandit, president of Nagorik Adhikar (Citizen Rights) team.

Among others Muhammad Abdur Rouf Mia, Barisal Sadar upazila nirbahi officer, Rashida Begum, district women affairs officer, Rabeya Khatun, district president Mohila Parishad, Advocate Rashida Aktar Shirin, legal aid activist for prevention of torture against women and children, A K M Aktaruzzaman Talukdar, upazila social services officer, Akkhas Hossain, cultural activist, participated in the discussion attended by representatives from different government and non-government organizations, socio-guttural activists.

The speakers said although torture and violence against women were continuing world-wide but it also recognised that women are actively important agents for transforming society. So empowerment of women with gender equity at different stages and spheres of family, society, state needed to ensure progress of the society on sustainable right ways.

Meeting the challenge of preventing and protecting domestic violence against women always a precondition for reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance, the speakers told

Quoting recent statistics of Bangladesh Statistical Bureau the participants noticed that 81.6 percent women psychologically tortured by husband in home and it were more damaging than physical torture.

They said 64.6 percent women victimized by physical and 36.5 percent victimized by sexual abuse in domestic arena in our country.

Bangladesh parliament although passed the ‘prevention of domestic violence ( prevention and protection) act 2010 ‘ on October 2010 and it came into effect as law on December 30, 2010, but still failed to give sufficient affects on the society due to weakness of our local government and socio-family structures.

The enacted law was applicable only for women and girl-children as family members and outsiders of the family could easily remain out of net of the act. Besides there were lacks of coordination among the law enforcers, courts, other service providers to make the law properly effective, the speakers noticed.

The discussants also stressed on creating mass awareness, focusing role and contribution of women in building and progressing society and family in and outside the home.

They suggested forming committees for children and women welfare in local levels, making the local government instruments and committees active, coordinating and properly implementing the acts related with prevention of violence and protection to resolve domestic disputes and prevent tortures against women, for successfully prevent and protect women from domestic violence.

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