Coordinated water management policy stressed for saving rive

Anisur Rahman Swapan

26 September 2014 Friday 5:45:23 PM

c9k985eeParticipants of a programme of giving flower wrath on Kirtankhola River and holding human chain rally on river-bank on Friday morning stressed on executing a coordinated water management policy for saving river and water bodies as life-line of Bangladesh.

They highlighted the values of rivers and strive to increase public awareness while encouraging the improved stewardship of rivers around the world and region.

The programmes styled as ‘ save the rivers from the demons of encroachments and pollutions’ at Charkawa Ferry Ghat point, was jointly organised by voluntary organizations Integrated Community Development Association (ICDA), Angikar Bangladesh, Mobilisation for Alternative Programme (MAP), and Action for Behavioral Change (ABC) Foundation, on the eve of World Rivers Day.

Huge number of people from different walks of life amid adverse weather participated in the programmes carrying different banners, placards, festoons symbolising bad impact of destructing river on the 15 million people of riverine southern and coastal region.

Among others Anowar Zahid, Dr. Syed Habibur Rahman, Narayan Chandra Saha, Naqib Abdus Salam, Shuvangkar Chakraborty, Nurul Islam, Salma Begum, environment, human rights and development organisation activists, addressed the programmes.

The speakers said since creation of earth river makes the civilisations as well as green country like Bangladesh. Without river Bangladesh may be a desert.

But this life source of our existences not receiving proper honour and care in recent days. Different types of encroachments and pollutions by the greedy men dying rivers of Bangladesh every day, they told.

Natural flows of the rivers often obstacle by making dams at different points, changing flows of rivers in the name of different types of improvements like electricity production, flood controls, communication, irrigation etc., the participants noticed.

They calling for returning back to the rivers said Barisal town once called as ‘Venice of Bengal’ had nearly 600 pond and water bodies, more than 22 canals in pre-liberation and 40-60 feet wide 17 canals in post-liberation period in and around the city with water flows from Kirtonkhola River, which was more than 4 kilometer wide in 50 years back.

But rampant filling and encroachments of the water bodies including Kirtankhola River by greedy people has reduced the figure to only one Jail Khal canal, 9 dighis, less than 100 ponds and 20 other types of water bodies and width of Kirtonkhola River drastically reduced to less than one kilometer severely damaging aqua-lives and environment.

Expressing grave concern over increasing river encroachments and pollutions, they called upon all concerned to work together for zone-specific planning and water cooperation in Bangladesh context to ensure food and health security also, they pointed out.

“Water management is challenging in the country’s coastal region, haor, char lands and flood-prone areas of southern Bangladesh. It requires full engagement of the communities and local actors, including local government institutions for creating mass awareness against river encroachments and pollutions”, they suggested.

Mentionable World Rivers Day is a global celebration of the world’s waterways, observes every last Sunday in September since in 2005.

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