Preventing child marriage and Ensuring end of gender violence

International Day to end violence against Women observed

Anisur Rahman Swapan

25 November 2013 Monday 6:26:44 PM

pic4International Day to end violence against Women observed in Barisal Monday with call for preventing child marriage and ensuring free, fair and speedy implementation of enacted laws to end of gender violence. Awareness creating programmes through educational curriculums, Medias, social interactions also stressed by them.Mahila Parishad, Barisal unit , organized a human chain rally in front of Ashwini Kumar Hall in the city and ‘Grass Root Level Women Leadership Network’ of Nagorik Udyog  observed the day arranging rally, discussion meetings, cultural programmes  at Gournadi and Sadar upazilas of Barisal, Nalcity and Sadar upazilas of Jhalakathi on this occasion.

This year’s official theme, framed by the UN Secretary-General’s campaign UNiTE to End Violence against Women, was “Orange the World in 16 Days”.

The speakers and participants of the programmes said violence against women and girls, a gross human rights violation, is a pandemic worldwide including Bangladesh.

One in three women is likely to face violence in her lifetime in all societies, all social classes, all continents, and one which is not diminishing. Most violence takes place in intimate relationships, with up to 70 per cent of women reporting their family members,  husbands or partners as the perpetrator,  quoting UN statistics told Nurjahan Begum, district Mahila Parishad Secretary.

Most of the people ignoring human rights still consider domestic violence as not a crime, while violence can leave permanent physical, mental, sexual or reproductive health problems and sequels, told Anowar Zahid, activist of the movement.

In spite of significant progress in legislation and attitudinal shifts, violence against women is prevalent in all societies displaying attitudes of gender inequality and gender violence in male-dominated society like Bangladesh, participants of the programmes observed, Nazia Kabir Mitu at Jhalakathi told.

Masuda Begum of Nalcity said child marriage was one of the major cause of domestic violence against women and 66 percent of the girls married in teen-age and 17 percent before 15-year.

Introducing school-based curriculum and programmes promoting gender equality and preventing gender violence and end early marriage, the participants opined.

In the suggestions consolidated from the participants of these progammaes stressed on proper and speedy implementation of the legal acts enacted to prevent violence against women through an independent sovereign judiciary without any political interference and ensuring safety and security of the victims and witnesses.

Mentionable International Day to End Violence against Women is commemorated worldwide on 25 November following the decision of UN General Assembly on November 17, 1999.

The Day also kicks off the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, an international campaign which runs until 10 December (Human Rights Day), inviting individuals and groups to mobilize and call for the elimination of violence against women and girls.

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